The Find Your STRONG Podcast

Learn and be your best and strongest self with Elite Body Transformation Coach and President of STRONG Fitness Magazine Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe (aka Coach JVB). Each week Jenny will give you an inspirational guest, a story or a “pep-talk” of how to build stronger bodies, stronger minds, and stronger relationships. Since becoming a personal trainer almost twenty years ago, Jenny has overcome an eating disorder, job loss, financial desperation, entrepreneurial growing pains and multiple miscarriages. Experiences that have profoundly shaped her and her path to success. Before confidently settling into her role as a sought-after business leader/mom of two, Jenny found her strength through struggle. In the process, she’s inspired countless women to do the same this led Jenny to develop her unparalleled Team Strong Girls online coaching programs a decade ago. She has since helped thousands of women across the world find their STRONG and be the very best versions of themselves never looking back. Tune in for inspiration, motivation and some nerdy fitness talk so you can get out of a funk and be the strong and confident woman you are. Oh and please make sure you to share the episode that speaks to you and leave us a review!